Saturday, January 4, 2014


         A recent Pew Research Poll found that only 43% of Republicans believe in the theory of evolution, and number that's dropping every time Republicans are polled on the matter.  Even fewer of them believe in man-made climate change, and while that's probably due to the same genetic error that makes them believe in mythical, imaginary friends in the sky, it's just a symptom and not the subject at hand.

         Think about the evolution thing for a minute.  I mean, the science on evolution is settled.  No serious biologist would try to insist that evolution is a bogus theory.  And yet, fewer than half of the Republicans polled on the subject believe evolution exists in nature.

         Even if you can look at the GOP and not be struck by how willfully ignorant most of the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing troglodytes truly are, it's difficult to imagine an educated adult finding reasons to refute biological evolution.  But they're out there, apparently by the millions.

          One of them, a particularly nasty asshole by the name of Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, has made it clear that in his opinion no one who believes in evolution should be allowed to hold public office in America.  It's one of his few public pronouncements that doesn't involve gay-bashing, but maybe he was distracted.  He had this to say about people and the theory of evolution:

“We don’t share ancestors with apes and baboons. In fact, I would suggest to you if a politician, if somebody wants to be, wants to exercise political power, and he is an evolutionist, he is disqualified from holding political office in the United States of America because he does not share the political worldview that established the United States of America, and made it the greatest nation in the history of the planet.” [SOURCE]

          I shit you not.

          If you believe in scientific fact, you can't hold public office.

         Reminds me of the law (still on the books in Tennessee) that says a person must believe in a higher authority (some sort of God thing) in order to hold public office in this state.

          If you're wondering why the Republicans you encounter seem to be slightly less bright than your average brain damaged punch-drunk old boxers you see in interviews, it's because they want to be surrounded by their peers.  That explains their party affiliation, in a nutshell.

           Why anyone would want to be associated with people so stupid they're a hazard to themselves and the planet is beyond me, but there you go. 



Kulkuri said...

If there isn't any evolution, you'd only need to get one flu shot in your lifetime!!

Infidel753 said...

only 43% of Republicans believe in the theory of evolution, and number that's dropping every time Republicans are polled on the matter.

I suspect what's happening there is not that Republicans who know science are rejecting it, but that Republicans who know science are abandoning the party and ceasing to self-identify as Republicans in these surveys.

As you drain water from a pond, sludge makes up a bigger and bigger percentage of what's left.

squatlo said...

Infidel753, you're exactly right. The GOP is driving away anyone who doesn't cling to the dogma of evangelical, science-fearing fundamentalists, and only attracting the angry white men who feel their way of life is slipping away. What's left is a shrinking Party of willfully ignorant, fearful, selfish and mean spirited old men.

Which explains why they're so intent on voter suppression as a viable tactic. They can't convince women or minorities to climb into their "big tent" alongside the misogynistic bigots and homophobes, so they lash out with anger at a world that's evolving beyond their ignorant path.

I believe we'll see a rash of homegrown domestic terrorism from the militia groups and isolated wingnutters in the very near future, as elections won't go their way. A way of life that's as dead as William Jennings Bryant is slipping away, and they'll lash out. Prepare for the death rattle of the GOP.

Sarge said...

The death rattle is already being heard! Americans are tired of this "Our way or no way" bullshit from the extreme far right.


Don said...

Squat. I'm thinking yours is a quite brilliant take. I've long feared that the desperation of the right wing Christian bigot will end as all endangered species end.

An endangered species always ends existance in its adaptation and assimilation through evolution, or its extinction. Extinction comes from a withering on the vine, over hunting or lack of habitat, or catastrophic calamity. Bigotry never goes down without a bitter fight and to snuff out this religious insanity will require just that.

I'll stop there. I started thinking about the purchase of a gun.

Fuck Walmart!

squatlo said...

Don, they say Stupid Kills, but not fast enough to save us from these morons.

You don't need a gun, you've got watchdogs.

squatlo said...

Hey Sarge, watched your Colts yesterday, and that was one amazing comeback. Your boy Luck is special. Hope he and Peyton get to match up in a couple of weeks...

Indra Blade said...

Wow, the stupid in this image it burns so badly.
All the science is in favour of the CAGW skeptics, as in the empirical evidence. There is ZERO evidence for man made global warming.
There's a mountain of peer reviewed literature proving CAGW to be nonsense.
No warming for 17 years, no mid tropospheric hotspot, mediaeval Warm Period globally hotter than today with much less CO2, Antarctic ice at record levels. The models constantly exaggerate actual temperatures by a factor of 3 showing their climate sensitivity parameter is wrong...etc. Add to that all the proven fraud, like the debunked hockeystick, Al Gore's lies, placing temperature stations next to urban hot areas, omitting high altitude stations to raise temperature readings, adjusting data upwards, getting skeptics fired for their views etc and you see where the integrity is.

Sorry but De Grasse Tyson is a spokesman for the globalist central bankers and you are all brainless suckers for buying his BS.

squatlo said...

Thanks for stopping by, Indra. Surprised you had time, what with all the feminist new world order rants you put out on-line.

Too bad 97% of the scientists who study this subject disagree with your conclusions. Maybe you should go about proving them all wrong.

We're breathless in anticipation of your enlightenment.